SA Fishing Face Shields

hopefully that afternoon or Saturday I will have that video up but today i wanted to do a review on some stuff I’ve purchased from SA Fishing Face Shields it’s it’s efficient company somewhere to solve why salt life companies like that they sell on fishing apparel hats basically a lot of the stuff that you need to go fishing with except for the gear that you would actually fish so so here’s the box i got and this is what their logo looks like their name to the box i got in this is one of their hats on this is this is the first thing that a review on my hair is very busy this is this armor redfish skin hat they have the mahi-mahi and the red fish skin hat i thought this is really cool i really like is that had to get this as the redfish spot if their skills red part of the redfish and i also got five face shield with it now you can pick up different packs really of different hat and five face shields I got the five facials and hat back but the USA one that ordered one of them it was backed up because so many people wanted it because it was my favorite but hopefully i’ll get that soon and i’ll show you guys that one the first one I want to show you guys is called bloody this is this armor logo it’s the bloody face shield these fields have like 30 SPF supposed to take protect you from the wind Sun elements everything you need to be protected from other than water and fish guts you’re out on the kayak  second one I got is called dive flag for those of you who are experienced boaters kayakers Fisher’s know what the dive flag looks like this looks like i would like to because i had to rustic look the same thing on both sides for all these shields except for a few of them you just put it on like so through here and come out the other end they’re really nice the third 1, i got was make oh this is interesting as selfish background blue hexagons can’t believe had to account for that they’re selfish in the background so that there’s teeth that would like that teeth 90 steel and this is so armor logo on the bottom seal on the other side now this one is one of my personal favorites of all that they had is called drumroll the background which I’m not technologically advanced to have that my video the Joker i really like this one too much good detail that’s his name lily and this one all their faces because they have many other faces like seven or moves like that it’s not the same on the other side which is coming pretty obvious because I’ve never seen some of two faces its rolled back on it though.